The IMBV is on the market since 2010, but has been preceded by over 30 years of experience and a family tradition of 2 generations of builders of molds and technical precision.
Dedicated to the project and production of injection molds, as well as dies for forging, cutting tools, prototyping, and industrial accessories. The IMBV has been developing their technical skills, updating and keeping up with the industrial progress.
Considered by our clients a company that offers an excellent relation quality/cost, in the IMBV we offer a flexible service according to the requirements of the customer and where the details take on extreme importance.
For this reason, the IMBV is mainly dedicated to the supply of market areas more demanding, such as the automotive industry, motorcycle, electronics, automation, electrical appliances, decoration and design and accessories for the construction industry, be they components or mechanical parts with high finishing standards.
As regards moulds, the IMBV is prepared to develop projects not only for the injection of plastics, but also for casting, particularly of zinc, aluminum and brass.


Competence and Quality is our mission. The IMBV seeks to respond actively and dynamically, to the requirements and expectations of the markets. We invest in the production of molds of superior quality with deadlines becoming smaller and smaller so that we can meet the demands of our partners /clients to the smallest detail, without ever neglecting its needs and requirements.

Vision and Values:
In the IMBV, we guide our business based on the following guiding principles:

      Satisfaction of the clients and search of new markets;

      Involvement of employees and suppliers in the achievement of the objectives of the company;

      continuous Improvement of the organization.

The objective of IMBV is to provide the customers the moulds with low cost of maintenance cycles optimised and a time of life long and become a reference company in the design and manufacture of molds for plastics and die-casting, especially for the quality of the products that it places in the market and by your attitude, approach to clients.